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Timothy’s birth was a whirlwind! When I developed severe pre-eclampsia, I was rushed to the hospital where he was born by Caesarean section six weeks early. Despite his premature birth, however, Timothy thrived and surprised all the doctors. He could roll over both ways by six weeks of age, started creeping on hands and knees at four and a half months old, and has never slowed done since!
At six months, Timothy went in for his routine immunizations. The next day, Timothy was screaming and we noticed a large rash around his injection site. The day after that, we found a large amount of blood in his diaper. Doctors told us he was just having a “normal” reaction to the vaccine, but my husband and I both felt like something was seriously wrong.

After his immunizations, Timothy stopped babbling completely. He hardly made any noises at all and did not experiment with sounds as he previously did. We asked the doctor about it, and he told us to “wait and see” what happens. Timothy was so ahead in other areas (standing and balancing by six months) that the doctor laughed when we said we thought something was wrong. We waited four months and nothing changed. We didn’t know what to do – we knew something was wrong but we couldn’t get anyone to take us seriously…until we met Donna and scheduled an evaluation.

I cannot exaggerate how wonderful Timothy’s evaluation was. I had spent every day with Timothy up to this point, but I feel like I learned so much about him in those several hours. The evaluation wasn’t an appointment for us, it was an event. Donna looked at every aspect of Timothy’s development and she told us what it meant. We walked away from the evaluation which a much deeper understanding of Timothy, and that alone meant the world to us.

Through her evaluation, Donna confirmed that Timothy was extremely ahead in some areas. Actually, his overall development was ahead by about a month. While he was months ahead in some areas of development, he was also quite delayed in other areas. Donna evaluated Timothy’s language as that of a 4-month-old even though he was 10 months at the time of the evaluation. In addition, she helped us find some hidden problems we had never seen before. In the evaluation, she showed us how Timothy’s left eye crosses when he converges on an object. We had been with our son every day for the past 10 months, but we never noticed it. It took a trained eye and someone who truly cares about our son for us to see his strengths and weaknesses as they are (actually, were).

Probably the most important aspect of the evaluation to us was that Donna listened. She took us seriously. From the beginning of the evaluation to the very end, we felt that Donna cared about Timothy. Like us, she wants the very best for him, and she told us exactly what we could do right now to help him. Donna didn’t tell us to “wait and see”, she told us to get started right away…and what a difference it’s made!

The day before we saw Donna, we had seen a traditional speech therapist who wanted to start therapy in three weeks. The therapist’s “goal” was to have him babbling by the end of six months of therapy. During those three weeks, we consistently did the program Donna gave us. When we saw the speech therapist again after those three weeks, she could not believe how much Timothy’s language had improved! His language had improved by 3 months in only 3 weeks time. She said she had never, ever seen such an amazing transformation in such a short time. That was certainly motivation for us to continue Donna’s program.

It’s been 2 months now since we’ve seen Donna, and we cannot believe the remarkable changes we’ve seen in Timothy. The boy who the doctor said “was one of the quietest babies he’d seen” went from babbling to saying single words within a month. A few days ago, he pointed to a word and read it out loud. I could try to write the joy and pride that was in my heart at that moment, but it’s indescribable. My son who had the speech of a four-month-old is now reading words at less than a year old. He still has some unresolved problems, but we know how to fix them and we’re seeing improvements every day.

Donna has been here every step of the way for us – she designed a program unique for Timothy, to help develop Timothy’s strengths and improve on his weaknesses. She’s been available for questions, support, and just to share in his accomplishments. We are so glad that we got an evaluation with Donna sooner rather than later…who knows where Timothy would be without the program Donna developed for us. We’ll love Timothy regardless of his abilities, but we don’t want to see him struggle with issues unnecessarily. Now we know that there’s never any reason to “wait and see” – it’s possible to help your child right now.

We always said William “beat to a different drum”, even when he was an infant, he was just different.  By the time he was 4 the differences were beginning to separate him from other kids his age. Our biggest concern was that he didn’t listen. We had his hearing checked three times, each time it came back normal. The pediatrician kept telling us he was fine.

Finally at wit’s end, we decided to have him evaluated.

Donna did William’s evaluation and almost immediately was able to tell us that he was not processing sound correctly. He couldn’t locate where sound was coming from 60% of the time!  He was incapable of following a two-step command and often couldn’t follow a one step command.

I was surprised at how well he had been coping with this deficit as well as a few others.  But finally we had a concrete problem to fix, and could come up with a PLAN! And Donna did. She came up with a detailed program that include everything! Auditory stimulation, olfactory stimulation, sensations, reading, creeping and crawling.

We started William on the program…and today we completed day 55.  Although there is still have a ways to go, William is much improved.  He follows one-step commands, and often two.  We still double check that he hears AND understands, but not as frequently as we used to.  We no longer are concerned that he will talk constantly in church and we don’t worry about going to public places where he used to run around – out of control- in auditory overload.

William’s older brother was recruited to do the program with him, and after 2 weeks the speech teacher was asking what we were doing as the kids speech had improved dramatically. (William’s brother was discharged from speech therapy within a few months.)

Donna continues to tweak William’s program by phone and emails and frequently sends encouraging word when we are frustrated with some aspect of getting William through his program. With the progress William has made in the past few months we no longer worry that he will have problems in this fall in Kindergarten.
We are grateful that Donna evaluated William and was able to see what we knew to be true, William’s brain was not functioning properly and he needed some fixing!

My son was evaluated by Donna in January of 2007. We brought him to her with concerns about his lack of speech. It was fascinating to see Donna working with him. She was very patient in guiding him through the exercises and very willing to answer my questions about what she was doing each step of the way. She pointed out that he only obeyed me when I gestured with my hands and this is how she knew he wasn’t really “hearing” what I said. A hearing test confirmed her suspicions that this was a neurological issue not hearing loss due to physical damage in the ear. She also discovered that he lacked appropriate responses to pain and other pons and midbrain issues.

Donna was very thorough in explaining her evaluation and going over the development chart with me. This really helped me to see what areas my son needed the most help in. While the news was upsetting she also gave us so much hope because she gave us the specific tools we needed to help him! In the 6 months since my son was evaluated, his health, speech and development have all greatly improved. I’ve emailed Donna several times with questions and she is always very quick to respond and offer suggestions and encouragement. Caleb is so proud of each new accomplishment and his confidence continues to grow as we help him heal. We are so thankful that Donna helped us and gave us the information and the tools to help our son!

There have been some things we noticed in our children’s behaviors that we did not know how to deal with. It is so fortunate that the right information came our way in time. We are so happy to have found something to help our children’s brain development. That it can be done easily inside our own home is a big plus. We have big hopes for our kids, and believe that this will help them achieve.

The seminar was full of information. Not only was there theory and research that was shared, but practical applications of this information were also provided. Key insights were highlighted well, and their impact on how a person grows and develops were eye opening. I have had some experience with teaching, learning and development. However the amount of new knowledge in this area that I gained was unexpectedly large. Well worth the time and money to attend. I would consider returning after having a chance to apply what I learned to see what other insights I could gain.

My husband and I attended Donna’s all-day class one Saturday and were just swallowed up by the mounds of information she presented that day! It was amazing to learn how the brain functions from day one, and how all bodily functions are tied to certain parts of the brain, and the things that can be done to improve those functions should any of them be found lacking.
Our son’s behavior has been a source of tremendous grief for us and our entire family over the past 7 years. I had done research online, taken him to psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologists, pediatrician, and family doctor to see if anyone could tell me what was “wrong” with him. He is very intelligent, smart, bright, and focused when he wants to be. I was assured he did not have ADD/ADHD/ODD/etc. and was left with a bunch of nothing to go on.

Yet, year after year I would cry myself to sleep over this child’s behavior and the stress and anxiety it caused in our home. As his parents, we knew that “something” just seemed to not be “clicking” in his brain! He was normal in almost every way, but at times he would say or do things that made us wonder if he had a “light on upstairs” or not!

When we attended Donna’s class, the pieces of the puzzle felt like they clicked into place. We truly feel that the Spirit led us to this class. The kids have done their “creepy/crawlies” for a couple of weeks now, and while it is too soon to notice big changes, we have seen small changes already and we feel assured and comforted that this is the right path for our son. We did not want to have him taking medications which would, in reality, be nothing more than a “band-aid” for his problems. We learned from Donna that the whole-body therapy will help to heal the whole child, not just part, and not just a “band-aid.” That made so much more sense to us.

We are so grateful to Donna (and by extension, to The Family Hope Center,) for the guidance, the new-found knowledge and the caring that we have received. (Donna is amazing with these kids!) After our class, she came to our home, tested our son and youngest daughter, and within two days we had an individualized “map” or therapy plan for each of our children and we could easily see where they were “at” in terms of mental and physical age. We can easily see what area they each need to work in.

We have seen, first hand, the seeming miracle that Donna has achieved with her son, Dawson, and we have no doubt that this program will help our son as well if we will follow the path. We recommend Donna and the program without any hesitation whatsoever! Thank you, Donna! From the bottom of our hearts! You have saved our family’s sanity!

Parents with Purpose offers an invaluable resource to parents in the DFW area. If you are worried that your child’s mental, social or emotional development is delayed, attending Donna’s seminar helps you enderstand the milestones of healthy development as well as ways to promote growth without affixing hard-to-overcome labels. Parents With Purpose is also beneficial to parents whose children are healthy. Attending a seminar teaches you ways to help your child achieve his potential and alerts you to commonly accepted “good parenting” practices that can actually stunt brain development. I would recommend Parents With Purpose to ALL parents or expecting parents. I wish that I knew these things when my first child was born!