Parents In Charge

Guiding and Stimulating development is better than responding and reacting

Improvement is Always Possible

Research Proves the Brain WILL GROW with the right stimulation

Holistic Approach

Your child is not a collection of labels but has unique and infinite potential

About Parents With Purpose

As the mother of eight children and a Neurodevelopmental Specialist, Donna Bateman has been coaching parents in areas of brain development, academics, physical coordination, behavior and social growth for twelve years.

She has guided parents to help their children grow from:

    • unable to read to reading above grade level
    • academically failing to honor roll
    • physically awkward to incredible athletic prowess
    • screaming tantrums every day to pleasant and calm
    • anxiety-ridden to understanding reality
    • poor language skills to fluent and fluid speaking
  • and more

Her focus on the brain as the source of function enables her to pinpoint the areas needing stimulation and organization AND teach parents how to provide that exact stimulation and organization AT HOME!

Her favorite part of the day is reading emails from parents about their child’s improvement—a child who becomes well-organized neurologically changes the dynamic of the entire family for the better.  

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