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  • Behavior and emotional connection are the culmination of processing on EVERY pathway in the brain
  • Nutrition is often a factor in behavior—neurotransmitters are largely manufactured in the digestive system
  • This area of struggle is least tolerated by society

We all want happy children with whom we can have a strong, secure relationship.  Sometimes, however, disorganization or dysfunction on any of the pathways in the brain (vision, hearing, sensation, manual, mobility, speech, emotion) can bring behavioral challenges.  The auditory pathway, along with nutrition, plays a VERY frequent role in this area of struggle.  Hurdles in learning and physical coordination causing frustration can spill over to behavioral issues as well.  Looking at every pathway in the brain is critical to unraveling the mystery of behavior challenges.


After identifying the root cause(s), we design an individualized home program to address your child’s needs.  We teach you the details of carrying out that program five days a week at home—complete with written instructions and bi-weekly follow up with a staff member.