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This eight-hour class teaches the fundamentals of brain development from a functional perspective. A “functional perspective” means that we learn how a particular area of the brain is working by observing how certain tasks are performed. This includes whether or not the milestones are achieved and at what level of proficiency.

The Family Hope Center’s Integrative and Developmental Progression Chart is the scale used to determine which developmental milestones are critical and which areas of the brain are responsible for these milestones. In Brain Development 101 we begin with the most primitive areas of the brain and progress through the highest levels of the cortex—-learning along the way about each milestone, by what age the milestones should be achieved, what appropriate development looks like, and how things can be when the progression is not happening the way we’d like.

BD101 also covers basic Nutrition guidelines. While we know there are different diet plans which best meet different needs, we give nutritional suggestions which put brain function as the foremost priority. We also teach about the vital link between Nutrition and Brain Health in a way that helps parents understand the role of diet in neurological healing.

One of the most exciting portions of the class is when you learn how to develop the pathways that are not working correctly. You will learn what areas of the brain need stimulation and how to provide that stimulation in an orderly fashion respectful of how the brain works. This is information that was thought to be impossible just 20 years ago and now has been proven possible by scientific research.

The importance of mobility and its relation to brain function is a keystone of understanding how the brain organizes itself and cooperates within our entire system. We share the specifics of which areas of the brain are organized by which kinds of movement and how much movement is optimal.

You will learn to see your child(ren) in a different way—a way which helps you understand WHY they are doing CERTAIN things. You will begin to understand the importance of looking for the root cause of a problem instead of focusing on the symptoms of the problem. You will have the knowledge base to carry out a consistent program of neurological stimulation and organization within your own home.

The basic outline for Brain Development 101 covers:

· The pathways of the brain—sensory and motor

· Developmental milestones and the appropriate ages for their achievement

· The importance of Nutrition for the brain

· Mobility development and its affect on the neurological development

· How to develop and grow the sensory pathways—the pathways that put information INTO the brain

· The root cause of learning struggles and many behavior problems

· How to recognize issues that signify neurological disorganization or injury

· How to help if development is not proceeding smoothly

This class is designed with parents in mind, but is appropriate for teachers, child-care providers, therapists, grandparents, and any others who interact with children.

This seminar is a pre-requisite for having your child evaluated. Taking this course helps you understand the principles behind the program—and that helps you be more consistent and accomplish the program correctly. You are NOT required to schedule an evaluation if you take the class.

The class lasts eight hours, so you may want to bring some small snacks to help keep your energy and attention at peak throughout the day. There is a lunch break—you may want to bring your lunch or go out for lunch. Water and some light snacks are provided.

You may register by completing the Seminar Registration under the “Forms” tab or by contacting the Seminar Coordinator if there is a class being taught in your local area. Brain Development 101 is also available as an online class—you can find that information under “Services” then “Online Seminar”.