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Evaluations take place in your home—we come to you. This helps your child feel comfortable and helps us recommend the best way to accomplish the program in your home.

Prior to the Evaluation, you can gather some helpful items. Not all items apply to every child. If you don’t have items from your child’s teacher/school, don’t worry—we can assess during the evaluation.

  • Recent reading level assessment from your child’s school/teacher/tutor
  • Medication list and reasons for those medications
  • Reading material at your child’s current reading level—something they have not read before
  • Recent writing sample

Evaluations last approximately 2.5 to 3 hours depending upon the age of the child and the level of cooperation. At least one parent must be present through the Evaluation and the Training—that same parent must have completed Brain Development 101.  If your child has missed school for the Evaluation, a note excusing the absence is provided.

During the Evaluation, the neurodevelopmental milestones on The Family Hope Center’s Integrative and Developmental Progression Chart will be tested. Parent report will account for 20-25% of the Evaluation. Before the Evaluation, you can explain to your child that we will be playing games. Since these games are just to help teach me about their brain, there are NO WRONG ANSWERS to these games. Whatever answer they give is the right answer. There will also be a period during the Evaluation where I will ask them (according to age appropriateness) to crawl on their belly, creep on their hands/knees, run, hop across the room, kick a ball and possibly other motor skills. They will also be asked to write words/sentences/paragraphs depending on their age and skill level.

A separate Training Appointment will be scheduled to present the findings of the Evaluation, recommended programs, written instructions on exactly how to carry out those programs and a schedule for communication between us. You will also be given an estimated date for re-evaluation. The Training Appointment will last approximately 2.5 to 3 hours (separate from the Evaluation).   This appointment will also take place in your home.

It is optimal for both parents to complete the class, be present during the Evaluation and Training Appointment.  However, at least one parent must do all three.

Evaluations may be scheduled by phoning Parents With Purpose at 214-502-2827.