Physical Coordination

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  • Social structure revolves around motor skills for boys in elementary school (and often beyond)
  • “Coaching” is seldom effective to improve uncoordinated and/or slow running
  • Lower level brain organization and reflexes ALWAYS impact motor skills
  • Even “good athletes” benefit from neurological organizing programs to boost motor skills
  • Hyper and hypo-sensitive sensation can be very disruptive to coordination

When physical coordination and/or motor skills are struggling, the first rule is “take a step back.”  IN EVERY CASE, it is imperative to take a step back to the previous physical skills along the developmental pathway.  For example, poor running is improved neurologically by returning to their hands and knees.  Amazingly, many parents report a boost in academic performance as motor skills improve.  The ability to move is always a component is every program to organize a brain—movement is required for a brain to improve.  Being able to move to meet your own needs is also the foundation for confidence and emotional maturity.  These abilities are FAR more important than success in athletic endeavors!


Once all the pathways of the brain have been evaluated (vision, hearing, sensation, manual, mobility, speech, emotional) and reflexes needing integration are determined, a program is designed based on the specific needs of your child.  After identifying the root cause(s), we design an individualized home program to address your child’s needs.  We teach you the details of carrying out that program five days a week at home—complete with written instructions and bi-weekly follow up with a staff member.