Sensory Processing

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  • The ability to “feel” correctly is connected to feeling emotions
  • Hypersensitive areas need many very short sessions
  • Hyposensitive areas need fewer, but longer sessions
  • Contrast (hot/cold, rough/soft, etc) is needed to give the brain a frame of reference

Because you cannot properly use or move what you cannot properly feel (try walking after sitting on your foot too long), it is imperative to make certain this pathway is operating at its best.  Mobility is the key to organization in the brain, and sensation is foundational to mobility.  After evaluating all brain pathways (vision, hearing, sensation, manual, mobility, speech, emotional) and the primitive reflexes, sensation will be high on the list of needs to address due to its impact on all the other pathways.  Contrast is a critical component to teaching the brain to recognize and properly process sensation.


After identifying the root cause(s), we design an individualized home program to address your child’s needs.  We teach you the details of carrying out that program five days a week at home—complete with written instructions and bi-weekly follow up with a staff member.